Custom Made Bracelets 30 Bracelet Minimum

Custom Made Bracelets 30 Bracelet Minimum


30 Bracelet Minimum

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Custom Made Bracelets

These are made with clasps, crimps and wire.

Want a special cancer awareness bracelet?  Or a team or school colors bracelet?  We are happy to make them for you.  The colors must be the colors we have available in the cat’s eye beads and pearls selection that we have.  We will also add silver plated round beads and daisy spacer beads depending on what you would like.  We will work with you to determine which colors will work best for you and if needed send you a sample before making your bracelets.  We can include the cancer awareness charm or any of the silver plated message beads that we have or we can have just the colors with no charm.  The message beads we have available right now are:  Cure, Hope, Survivor and the ribbon symbol.  We can also package the bracelets for you on our cancer awareness cards or our Team Spirit Cards and in our hang tab cellophane bags.  Or if you prefer we can send them to you with out packaging and refund you .25 for each bracelet.   These are great for fund raising!  You must order at least 30 at a time and allow 5 business days for production.

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